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China says to respond if U.S. deploys medium-range missiles in Asia

Published on Aug 5, 2019
China said that it will take action to safeguard its national security if the United States deploys intermediate-range missiles in Asia. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying condemned a statement by U.S. Defense Secretary Marc Esper, which accused China of threatening stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

Superpower: How Renewables are Transforming America’s Energy Future

Streamed live 72 minutes ago
Modernizing an aging electricity grid, addressing power storage, and electrifying transportation are just a few of the challenges in realizing a 100 percent clean energy economy in the U.S. In his new book “Superpower: One Man’s Quest to Transform American Energy,” author Russell Gold takes a deep look at a leading renewable resource: wind power. From the early energy pioneers who persevered through economic and infrastructural hurdles to farmers and landowners critical to the sector’s growth, could the history of wind power lay out a roadmap for renewable energy success? What’s next in the transition from fossil fuels to renewables? How do we finance our clean energy future? Join us for a conversation with Lynn Doan, team lead for Power and Gas at Bloomberg News, Russell Gold, author and reporter at The Wall Street Journal, and Jigar Shah, “The Energy Gang” co-host about an industry looking to redesign the U.S. energy landscape.

‘Human-monkey-hybrid-embryo’ developed to grow transplantable organs

Published on Aug 5, 2019
Spanish scientists say they’ve managed to create ‘a human-monkey-hybrid-embryo’.

The reason – to grow transplantable organs for humans.

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Trump criticized after two mass shootings in US

Published on Aug 5, 2019
After a weekend of carnage in two different states, U.S. President Donald Trump addressed the nation. He condemned white supremacy and supporting “some” gun control measures. But for Americans, words are not enough, they want action.

Is Trump’s History Contributing to the Destruction of America? (w/ Dr Justin A. Frank)

Published on Aug 5, 2019
The pattern of Trump in the past is a useful study to understand where he is today. Dr Justin A. Franks M.D., examines Trump’s history and previous destructive streak and how it affects Americans today. The moral tone he sets today says that being aggressive, hurting others and his race views are fine with him, so why not with you? His lack of responsibility running the country is going to damage America, not improve it. Trump doesn’t care about the rules and this destructiveness rubs off on many people.

Stop Ecocide: The legacy of Polly Higgins

Stop Ecocide: Change the Law
Published on Aug 1, 2019

Jojo Mehta, co-founder of Stop Ecocide talks about taking forward the work of Earth Lawyer Polly Higgins. Sign up and become an Earth Protector today www.stopecocide.earth/become

The Youth Strike meets Extinction Rebellion

Friends of the Earth (England, Wales & Northern Ireland)
Published on Aug 1, 2019

With Laetitia from France and Charlotte from Oxford.