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Resistant malaria spreading in South East Asia – BBC News

By James Gallagher Health and science correspondent, BBC News
23 July 2019

Malaria parasites resistant to key drugs have spread rapidly in South East Asia, researchers from the UK and Thailand say.

The parasites have moved from Cambodia to Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, where half of patients are not being cured by first-choice drugs.

Researchers say the findings raise the “terrifying prospect” drug-resistance could spread to Africa.

However, experts said the implications may not be as severe as first thought.

What is happening?

Malaria is commonly treated with a combination of two drugs – artemisinin and piperaquine.

The drug combo was introduced in Cambodia in 2008.

But by 2013, the first cases of the parasite mutating and developing resistance to both drugs were detected, in western parts of the country.

The latest study, published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases, analysed blood samples from patients across South East Asia.

Inspecting the parasite’s DNA showed resistance had spread across Cambodia and was also in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

It had also picked up further mutations, making it even more problematic.

In some regions, 80% of malaria parasites were drug resistant.

“This strain has spread and has become worse,” Dr Roberto Amato, from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, told BBC News.

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Why ancient Egypt fell

Nile cruise Nile cruisePublished on Jun 5, 2011

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A conversation with Peter Wadhams : The Methane Threat

Part 1:

Just Have a ThinkPublished on Nov 25, 2018

In part two of our conversation, Peter Wadhams explains the risks posed by huge methane emissions that are being caused by arctic ice loss, and we discuss the difficulties and frustrations faced by scientists trying to communicate climate issues to a wider public.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Mike Mann on the Arctic “Methane Bomb”

Published on Feb 9, 2019

I spoke to Michael Mann of Penn State U – one of the world’s pre-imminent atmospheric experts. Our conversation was wide ranging, but I asked him about the widespread panic that exists in the internet fever swamps about an imminent arctic “methane bomb”.

The Methane ‘Time Bomb’: How big a concern?

Published on Jan 28, 2019

Examining short- and long-term risks of global warming methane “time bomb”. Scientists explain the evidence.

Black Portraitures V: Memory and the Archive: Past. Present. Future.

Memory and the Archive | Past. Present. Future.

The conference will explore the making of visual archives, the narratives they tell, and the parameters that define them as objects of study. As visual collections, photographic archives present specific concerns — especially as digital technologies change the way knowledge is classified, stored, retrieved and disseminated.

The following questions will be considered: How does the gaze visualize and influence the control of historical narratives? What icons dominate the visual culture of slavery and its archives? How do other artistic narratives encode memory, violence, and subjectivities? What is the future of the archive and how does it provide fodder for social change or artistic innovation? How do social and economic histories as well as experiences of race, class, gender and sexuality affect the construction, acquisition and maintenance of archives of the African Diaspora?

We also draw attention to historical landmarks and moments that act as anniversaries of the arrival of Africans in the New World.

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Paris bakes, London broils in Europe heatwave