Discovering Our Place in Space: Can We Survive the Absurdity & Distraction of the “New-Frontiers-in-Space” Race? – Parts 1 & 2 | EV & N – 318 & 319 | CCTV

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White-settler “frontier” mythology has come to dominate the expansionist thinking and economic planning across the world from the United States to Russia and from Israel to China and India.  All the regimes in these countries have expressed the desire to “conquer” new “frontiers” of space in the name of expanding the potential for perpetual economic growth.

These endeavors will in all probability prove suicidal for our finite planet.  Civilization will not survive the desperate attempts of these nations — and potentially many more —  to expand into the “frontiers” into space.  This is simply because limitless expansion off a finite sphere is not possible.  Moreover, as global climate change reeks havoc for hundreds of millions of Earth’s citizens on a burning planet in the decades and centuries to come, the nation-state and its corporate allies will not be able to deliver a sustained supply of the life-support systems needed to launch moon walks and Mars landings for very long.

We already live on the largest inhabitable space-ship in the known universe — planet Earth.  We cannot live elsewhere without mimicking in precise detail the Earth-like environment that we have evolved within.  We need now to focus our attention not to trying how to “escape” this circumstance but to turn all of our scientific and technical know-how to the task of living sustainably within this space-ship.

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