Ian Morris | Why the West Rules — For Now

Oriental Institute
Published on Oct 15, 2013

Ian Morris, Professor of History at Stanford University, lecture Why the West Rules — For Now: The Patterns of History, and What They Reveal About the Future at the Oriental Institute on October 2.

For a “geographic” explanation of the dominance of the “West” listen particularly to this excerpt, encapsulating Morris’s geographic theory of Western dominance.

Is Dr. Morris correct about the primacy of “geography?”

What other “explanations” are equally or perhaps even more convincing?

What about a “biological/ecological” explanation?  What about the global impact of the history of disease?

What about a “religious” or broadly “ideological” explanation which might choose to contrast the world-views and different values systems represented since the late 15th century with the rise in Europe of “protestantism” on the one hand and the roughly contemporaneous resurgence of Confucian philosophy in China after the return (and official rejection) of Admiral Zheng He’s “Star Fleet?”

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