Launching Moon Walks and Mars Landings From a Burning Planet: The Myth of Perpetual “Frontier” Expansion vs The Science of Human Survival on Earth | EV & N 317 – CCTV

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While the planet is being destroyed by the excessive combustion of fossilized solar energy, political leaders around the world — financed by fossil fuel corporations and driven by the fatal mythology of endless and mindless growth — make plans to go return the Moon and use its “resources” to go to Mars.   The absurdity of the human tragedy cannot be more stark and apparent.  Human survival cannot and will not depend on going “elsewhere” in the solar system or the universe.

There are no survivable “frontiers” in “space.”  We already live on the largest inhabitable spaceship in the known universe.

Human life — as all life forms we have been able to observe in the known universe — evolved on planet Earth.  In the face of the endless blather of the techno-scientific salvationists and the fanciful non sequiturs of our political leaders, we need to learn to affirm and live by some simple truths:

There is no planet “B.”

We only have one Earth.

We only get one chance.

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