Protesters Vow to Stay in the Streets After Hong Kong Leader Calls Extradition Bill “D ead”

Jul 09, 2019

Protesters in Hong Kong have vowed to continue their fight following Chief Executive Carrie Lams announcement today that the highly contested extradition bill is dead. Protesters have been demanding Lam withdraw the bill, and accuse her of deliberately using misleading language and making nonbinding promises to quell unrest. Protesters have also been calling for the resignation of Lam and say they want the government to listen to all of their demands.

Ken Hui: A lot of people are complaining about issues of the police abusing their powers, and there are also just fundamental questions of institutional governance. The government does not listen to the will of the people, and so I think this is a really good time to bring back the fight for genuine universal suffrage.

Organizers say hundreds of thousands took to the streets again Sunday, including a massive march in Kowloon, where many mainland Chinese go to shop. That protest ended with several arrests and clashes with riot police, who at one point charged into a group with batons.

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