The Making of a ‘Banana Republic’…(without any bananas) | EV & N – 316 | CCTV


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Under its current leadership the United States is rapidly becoming a ‘banana republic’  — without any bananas.   Increasing signs of this transformation are apparent and pervasive.  The “free press” is a “free-market press,” and therefore substantially controlled by large corporations seeking favorable treatment from corrupted government agencies with the aim of building their respective market share and commercial dominance.  They no longer serve the citizen’s interests — vital in any democracy — to know and learn about the world around them so that they can make informed decisions determining their own future.  Instead the public is “sold” the news that serves the interests of dominant corporations and the advancement of political control by the corporate-state.

The courts have been stacked with judges who political appointees approved by a supine Senate beholden for the financing for their increasingly expensive public relations campaigns in periodic plebiscites.   No where else in the world are putatively “free elections” so expensive, effectively eliminating any candidates who cannot marshal millions upon millions of dollars to launch a “bid” for office.

The respect for “civil rights and “human rights” under the current administration has sunk to historically low levels, as international organizations have observed and the public daily witnesses the rise of overt racism and the construction of concentration camps for political refugees along its boarders.

The conduct of international relations has deteriorated to the level of the brazen disrespect for international law, the unilateral abrogation of treaties and the fitful use of bluster, intimidation and military-economic coercion for the advancement of selected corporate entities and military contractors that have proven faithful contributors to the dominant families in power.  Family members of the President have been placed in key government advisory and policy roles for which they are manifestly incompetent, leading many foreign Ambassadors to comment on the ineptness and shocking ignorance of the current American diplomats.

All of this has taken place with the sycophantic subservience of a scandalous “party system” and a notoriously  arcane and corrupted series of disjointed electoral procedures that have been infiltrated and manipulated by foreign powers who effectively succeed in promoting candidates of their own choosing.  In a “winner-takes-all” system this means foreign entities — either state actors or powerfully wealthy private interests have proved that they can effectively control the U.S. political system.

Perhaps most ominous feature of this unmitigated trend of moving to the status of a ‘banana republic’ is that it is a pattern that is being repeated around the world from Turkey to the Philippines and Egypt to Hungary.  This is particularly troubling because the U.S. has lost its stature of global respect as an effective voice for the moral high ground in human affairs or even as a credible mediator in conflicts that are multiplying around the world.

It is not clear as yet whether any other nation-state will fill this gap in global leadership or whether more nations will follow the U.S. path in its tragic collapse of vision and moral leadership.  For the moment the most positive reaction to these spiraling trends towards the proliferation of ‘banana republics’ around the world appears to be the global reaction of youth who are demonstrating, fighting for and demanding a just, equitable and survivable future for the global climate and all life-support systems around the world.



It remains to be seen whether collectively the youth can mobilize new forms of collective action and determination — like that demonstrated by the college-aged students in Hong Kong — to unite with one another to save the planet from those currently in dominant “leadership” positions in institutions and political systems around the world.

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