Conservative Leadership Race: Boris Johnson exclusive interview – BBC News

Published on Jun 24, 2019
After facing days of criticism for avoiding media scrutiny – Boris Johnson, who’s running against Jeremy Hunt to be the next Prime Minister and Tory leader – has spoken exclusively to the BBC. He says he would ensure a plan to deliver Brexit by the end of October – declaring the political landscape both in the UK and the EU has changed. But, Mr Johnson admitted he would need EU cooperation to prevent both a hard border in Ireland, and tariffs on British business if there were no deal with the EU. Asked about the widely reported incident in the early hours of Friday morning at the flat he shares with his partner – Boris Johnson said it was simply not fair to talk about his family and loved ones. He’s been interviewed by the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg. Tomorrow, we will have an interview with Jeremy Hunt, the other candidate in the Conservative Leadership Race.

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