Chaos In Midtown As XR Protestors Climb Buildings And Block Streets In New York City

Premiered Jun 22, 2019
Climate change protesters have been arrested after they climbed and scaled New York Times and Port Authority buildings, and blocked traffic in Midtown Manhattan Saturday afternoon.

The protesters from the group Extinction Rebellion marched from Bryant Park, hung gigantic banners on skyscrapers, laid down in the middle of 8th avenue, and blocked traffic.

More than two dozen protesters were arrested to applause and “Thank You” from the crowds. DCPI Police spokesman does not currently have information on the number of arrests.

Just one block over, a Port Authority vehicle went up in flames shortly before 2 p.m. at West 41st Street and 9th Avenue, according to an FDNY spokesman. A Port Authority spokeswoman said the fire was not related to the protest, and preliminarily appeared to have started when the van overheated.

A spokeswoman for Extinction Rebellion, Eve Mosher, said the group wants the media to report on “the climate emergency” so that “people can start pushing for more radical responses.”

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