From Gallery to Reality (… and Back): The Display of Art and the Art of Display in the Digital Age

From Gallery to Reality (… and Back):
The Display of Art and the Art of Display
in the Digital Age

(Some Innovations in the Digital Humanities)

Timothy C. Weiskel, (D.Phil, Oxon)

Background to the Digital Revolution in the Arts and Humanities:

Ever since Philippe de Montebello began to record commentaries on exhibits and pieces of art in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the arts and  humanities have been experimenting with novel means of engaging the public with the art in museum collections through the mediation of electronic media of one sort or another.

Etc., etc., etc,

Beyond the visual arts and the museum world classical music artists have integrated the newly available technology of the internet and digital video in a very creative manner as well.  Consider, for example, the different levels of artistic “conversation” that can now be shared over the internet through inter-ethic and inter-generational experiences such as this one:


It worth watching this video clip to its completion to see how many levels of intentional conversation are evident and how many other unconscious ones are engaged in as well with the performance of these two brief movements from a Bach composition, written in 1733-1734.

Or consider this concerto for 2 violins written by Bach almost fifteen years earlier in 1718-20:

etc., etc., etc….

[then…a discussion in greater detail (with illustrations) from:


etc., etc., etc…..

[ Here is where you guys can write major text from your experience and perhaps highlight your achievement in organizing:


etc., etc., etc.




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