History in the Digital Age: New Technologies, New Data, New Insights, New Questions | EV & N – 313 – CCTV



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Recently developed digital technologies enable the elaboration of new insights and research strategies to learn more about the Atlantic slave trade and its aftermath.  At least three major digital initiatives have developed over the last several decades for the study of the history of the Atlantic trade.

  • The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database has been developed by international teams of experts.  It is hosted now by Emory University and many of its works are accessible online through its website SlaveVoyages.Org.
  • Another major digital source for the history of Africa both during the slave trade and well afterwards is the online “Free Cartographic Library” – Afriterra.
  • The African Historical Graphics Archive is an additional resource focused upon digitizing primary source material including maps, prints, views, published sketches and early colonial photographs of Africa.

All of these resources deploy numerous forms of digital technology to enhance the study of African, American and trans-Atlantic history.

For related material about an exhibit of selected historical material see:


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