KUNTA KINTEH -UN Heritage Site-St James Island,The Gambia

Col Bhupendra Sondh
Published on Aug 20, 2015

During Feb -June 2011 ,I have an opportunity to visit the Gambia on professional assignment as PMC -Team Leader on New National Assembly Building at Banjul.

I along with my team and their family and local Indian family visited the UN Heritage Island at St James Island the slavery trade center during 17-18 Century dominated by Britisher and French Colonizers. This Island is located at Gambia River and confluence with Atlantic Ocean

This Island become center of than flourishing Slavery Trade and most suitable location on western side of AFRICA as its has direct open sea routes to all major trading countries located on East and Western shore of Atlantic Ocean.

This Island changed hand between-Britisher and French Colonizers more than twice and last occupants were Britishers before this slavery trade was stopped in 19-20 th century.

This Island has been made famous by Alex Haily who decided to find out his roots for last five generations First being KUNTA KINTEH as mentioned in his novel Roots

In 20th Century the famous/Infamous St James Island re christened as KUNTA KINTEH ISLANDS an UN Heritage.

On 29 May 2011 , i along with my team and family visited this is land and try to visualize how this slavery trade was conducted. We visited the Free Dome Statue at JUFFREH and museum .

This passer by Video recording by amateur free lancer site visitor please evaluate it in the spirit has been collated and recorded for presentation for public view

With regards

Col Sondh BS

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