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John Perkins – America’s Secret Empire

Published on Aug 13, 2007

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“Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” author John Perkins argues that the United states has created a modern-day empire through the use of economic blackmail and the undermining of foreign governments.

Manuscript reveals lost books of Christopher Columbus’ son’s library – BBC Sounds

A newly found library catalogue contains thousands of summaries of books thought lost to time. The Libro de los Epítomes manuscript contains more than 2,000 pages and summaries of books from the library of Hernando Colón, the son of Christopher Columbus, who aimed to create the biggest library the world. Cambridge academic Edward Wilson-Lee is the biographer of Hernando Colón. Image: The Libro de los Epítomes manuscript. Credit: Suzanne Reitz/Arnamagnæan Institute, University of Copenhagen.

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Note the BBC Newshour News Bulletin in which this was originally reported:

BBC – Newshour – 10 April 2019:


‘Libro De Los Epítomes,’ A 500-Year-Old Library Catalog, Surfaces Anew : NPR

The Libro de los Epítomes, a guidebook to the 16th century library of Hernando Colón, recently turned up in a manuscript archive in Denmark.

Suzanne Reitz/Arnamagnæan Institute, University of Copenhagen

It’s the stuff of a Hollywood blockbuster: Five hundred years ago, a son of Christopher Columbus assembled one of the greatest libraries the world has ever known. The volumes inside were mostly lost to history. Now, a precious book summarizing the contents of the library has turned up in a manuscript collection in Denmark.

The newly discovered manuscript is “an absolutely gorgeous thing,” says Edward Wilson-Lee, author of The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books — a biography of Columbus’ son Hernando Colón. “It’s about the size of a coffee table book. It’s almost a foot thick. It’s 2,000 pages long in beautifully, beautifully clear handwriting.”

The reference volume, called the Libro de los Epítomes, was designed to help a user find books in the enormous library.

Colón was “looking for the Google algorithm of print,” Wilson-Lee explains: “How to take vast amounts of information and make something usable out of it.”

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Will the World End in a Deadly Viral Disease? | Apocalypse NowThis

NowThis News

Published on Nov 28, 2017

Forget nuclear annihilation or a climate catastrophe, what if the world ends in everyone pooping their pants and vomiting blood?