Climate Education is Screwed Up!

Published on Dec 13, 2018

Please SUBSCRIBE http://ScientistsWarning.TV/ – Here 3 millenial women from International Schule Berlin whose research project revealed just how screwed up climate education is in the developed world. In their survey of texts from different nations, the *least effective* supposed ‘climate solutions’ were presented the most often (recycling and changing light bulbs) and the single most effective means of reducing emissions (having one less child) was never mentioned *at all*. In fact, any of the important solutions that would offend any established industry (eating less meat, living without a car, avoiding non-essential flights) were seldom if ever mentioned. In short, our youth are being trained for ‘Business-As-Usual’ in a world that will be anything BUT usual. Current education is screwed up in more than just climate. But waking up at all to the problem will help.

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