Scientists’ Warning at Foresight Group, EU Commission

UPFSI   Published on Jan 17, 2019

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This presentation from November 5, 2018 was delivered to the ‘Foresight Group’ of the EU Commission in Brussels, Belgium. The assessment of our global prospects is extremely severe. The conclusions may be upsetting and perhaps life-changing for many. But the conclusions should not be taken in lightly.

I chose to keep this video in ‘Unlisted’ mode for 10 weeks because I felt that it would be a hard pill to swallow for most people, and that some emotional support needed to be provided when I finally presented it.

Well, now is the time, and I think in a way the set of http://ScientistsWarning.TV programs I produced in Poland at COP-24 ARE the emotional support, especially the ones with Greta Thunberg, our little ‘truth-teller’ extraordinaire. So please watch them and Subscribe.

Reality is quite a complex affair. I hold that we might achieve some measure of what is energetically referred to as ‘redemption’ if we (individually and collectively) were to ‘repent’ of our wasteful, abusive ways. I ‘quote’ those words since I don’t want them to evoke the standard religious interpretations. I use them more in the sense of morally and energetically re-balancing our psyches in harmony with the natural world.

So watch this video as a though it were an ‘oracle’ of one possible, perhaps probably future. Take the questions it raises seriously. Take them to ‘heart’, so to speak. Then be in your heart (‘coeur’ in French) with courage to face the future with equanimity, and perhaps change the future with your intention and your heart.

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