Extinction Rebellion ⌛ Fashion Action (Circus of Excess) (Oxford Circus 2019)

Azure Peace
Published on Apr 13, 2019


On Friday, 12th of April, between 6:30pm and 7:30pm we took over London’s Oxford Circus, the epicentre of the fast-fashion shopping “experience”. The Tokyo-style zebra ‘X’ crossing is to be turned into a catwalk as XRFA teams up with Sustainable Fashion brands and students from art and fashion colleges and universities all over London to showcase their sustainable fashion and body-protest designs. The theme “Fashion: Circus of Excess” addresses issues of un-sustainability in fashion and how its practices impact other species.

The models will parade across the iconic crossing, accompanied by the XR choir and XR musicians. This will include opera singers performing Beethoven’s ‘Ode An Die Freude’ (Ode to Joy) from his Symphony number 9, legendary drums ensemble “EarthNicht” and sound artist Benjamin Comeau. To amplify the call for immediate action on climate change, the event will be broadcasted live via mainstream and social media (using the hashtag #xrfashioncircus).

This action is one of many in the build-up to the International Rebellion from 15th April.

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