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How the benefits of climate action may outweigh the costs

PBS NewsHour

Published on Dec 3, 2015

For two economists, the probability of true catastrophe due to human-caused global warming prompted them to write “Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet,” which examines looming dangers and possible solutions. Economics correspondent Paul Solman takes a look at how we might weigh the costs and benefits of taking serious action to prevent disaster.

Extinction Rebellion – questions & criticisms

Real Media
Published on Mar 24, 2019

From its emergence last October till now, Extinction Rebellion has attracted unprecedented numbers in support, and has already staged historic civil disobedience protests in the UK, with world-changing actions planned for April, but it is not without its detractors.

Real Media interviews two prominent organisers and co-founders, Gail Bradbrook and Roger Hallam, each speaking in a personal capacity, to reflect on a few of the issues raised.

Extinction Rebellion has gained a reputation for ‘trying to get people arrested’, so Gail and Roger try to clarify and explain the thinking and science behind the arrest strategy – this is also covered in much greater detail in Roger’s lectures elsewhere.

The appearance of collusion and negotiation with the police has also been a subject of concern, as well as the apparent willingness to engage with police at protests. Groups like Netpol (who monitor and document policing of protests and have revealed well-researched horrific abuses over the years) and Green & Black Cross (who provide grassroots legal support to campaigners) have been extremely critical of some of these strategies, and although this interview isn’t a formal response to those criticisms it does set out some of Extinction Rebellion’s thinking. Both these groups and others have been invited to further dialogue as part of the movement’s ‘listening’ work.

XR has also received criticism from the radical left for cosying up to NGOs or even turning into another NGO itself. Remember though that back in October, XR occupied Greenpeace’s offices in protest at their lack of support. Roger points out that as XR rapidly grows, in all its decentralised glory it has to be a broad alliance, but there is a common goal of real structural change and the need for something to happen. Basically everyone is terrified of our impending extinction, and, in the words of Naomi Klein, ‘This changes everything’.

For more info on the growing rebellion, visit http://www.rebellion.earth

Robert Reich: The Monopolization of America

Robert Reich

Published on May 6, 2018

Robert Reich looks at antitrust laws and corporate giants.
Watch More: 3 The Failure of Trickle Down Economics ►► https://youtu.be/cABuFmA3nhY

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Robert Reich: Socialism of the Rich, Capitalism for the Rest

Robert Reich

Published on Apr 8, 2019

Robert Reich explain how the wealthy and corporations receive billions in corporate welfare.
Watch More ►► 7 Economic Fundamentals https://youtu.be/utuX4_uD5lE

Noam Chomsky – Free Speech on Campus

Chomsky’s Philosophy
Published on Apr 9, 2019

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw5KK…

Dahr Jamail – The End of Ice – Seattle – March 26, 2019

KODX Seattle
Published on Mar 28, 2019

Talk by Dahr Jamail author of “The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption” recorded March 26, 2019 at the Summit on Pike, Seattle, WA.

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