Glyphosate: Monsanto’s Latest Scandal

Journeyman Pictures

Published on Dec 4, 2017

Glyphosate: The Poisoned Debate: The EU has said yes to a new five-year lease for the controversial pesticide Glyphosate. Posing questions about its potential dangers to our health, this report follows those fighting for and against the chemical.

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Mutant Food: A Blessing Or A Curse?
How Your Food Is Killing You

“I don’t have any vocal cords, so I can’t raise my voice”, says Theo, a 10-year-old. His mother is convinced Glyphosate is the root cause of their ordeal. She used Monsanto’s Round-up in the first few weeks of her pregnancy. Monsanto however, denies any accusations, even as news surfaces that the multinational has paid scientists to produce studies proving the harmlessness of the chemical.

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