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Noam Chomsky – Gross Domestic Product

Kunta Kinteh Island, The Gambia

Tap or click on the picture below to see the ruined remains of the Fort on Kunta Kinteh Island,  (formerly James Island) in The Gambia, West Africa.


[Copyright: Michel Du Chesne; Type: Spherical; Resolution: 4000×2000; Taken: 01/10/2008; Uploaded: 01/10/2008; Updated: 06/01/2019]

Tap or click on the 1732 map of James Island (below), to access a PDF file and magnify it to inspect its details.


[Reproduced from original print in the African Historical Graphics Archive]

Other maps from different periods have different details:


For a “drone’s-eye-areal-view” of the island see:

Published on Dec 5, 2017

Kunta Kinteh Island is a small island in the Gambia River which joins the Atlantic Ocean. Its location in the middle of the river made it a strategic place to control the waterway. Visited by explorers and merchants in their search for a sea route to India it became one of the first cultural exchange zones between Africa and Europe. By 1456 the Island had been acquired by Portugal from local rulers and the construction of a fort began.

View contemporary circumstances on the island by scanning in this QR code:


A generic depiction from the cartouche of an early Dutch map (1671) of the trading relationship between European merchant (holding the gold weight scale) and the populations of the Senegal and Gambia regions.


 Nieuwe Paskaert, Van de Kust van GENEHOA Medeeen gedeelte van Gambia, beginnende and C. Blanco tot C. Verde, Met al Syn diep ten ende droogten dusver Naeukeurig op gestelt Met Prevelegie voor15 jaer, 1681, Cartographe: Johannes Van Keulen, Sr.

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Some further references and notes on Kunta Kinteh Island

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Noam Chomsky on Trump-Russia Collusion

Noam Chomsky on Moral Relativism and Michel Foucault

Chomsky’s Philosophy
Published on Dec 5, 2015

Chomsky on moral relativism, cultural relativism and innate moral values.

Slovakia: Environmentalist Becomes First Female President

Apr 01, 2019

Meanwhile, voters in Slovakia elected their first woman president. Anti-corruption candidate and environmentalist Zuzana Caputova vowed to counter nationalist rhetoric. In 2016, she won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for her fight to shut down a toxic waste dump in her hometown, earning her the nickname “Erin Brockovich of Slovakia.” The president holds a primarily ceremonial role in Slovakia but is charged with appointing the prime minister, among other duties.

Zuzana Caputova (center) with international environmental ELAW activists upon receiving the 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize in San Francisco for her fight against a toxic waste facility.

Harvard Faculty Demand Bacow Host Forum on Divestment | News | The Harvard Crimson

A group of University affiliates call for divestment from fossil fuels in front of Massachusetts Hall in February. Photo: Alexandra A. Chaidez

By Jonah S. Berger and Molly C. McCafferty, Crimson Staff Writers 7 hours ago

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Members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences called on University President Lawrence S. Bacow to lead a Faculty discussion on Harvard’s fossil fuel investments, citing “widespread, deep, and reasonable disagreement” with Bacow’s response to the issue.

Philosophy Professor Edward J. Hall raised the issue on behalf of nine professors during the Faculty’s monthly meeting Tuesday. The group asked Bacow to host an open forum or dedicate a portion of a Faculty meeting to the issue, and to include members of the Harvard Corporation — the University’s highest governing body — in the discussion.

“We are not in the first instance a mere corporation, where all substantive decisions are taken by managers,” Hall said. “We are a college, committed to open intellectual debate even on issues that might directly affect our own future.”

“It would, in our view, be ethically and intellectually irresponsible not to let Harvard’s response to this crisis be guided by serious and sustained community-wide discussion,” he added.

Bacow responded that he would be “happy” to fulfill the professors’ request and would see if he could include a member of the Corporation in the discussions. He did not commit to any changes in investment decisions.

The Faculty members’ demand comes amid renewed student-led calls for Bacow and the University’s investment arm, the Harvard Management Company, to withdraw controversial investments, including those in the fossil fuel industry and in companies tied to prisons. In recent months, students have delivered multiple petitions to Massachusetts Hall regarding divestment.

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Germany: Greta Thunberg joins ‘Fridays for Future’ march in Berlin

Published on Mar 29, 2019

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Sixteen-year-old Swedish student and environmental activist Greta Thunberg joined around 25,000 students in Berlin for the ‘Fridays for Future’ climate march on Friday.

Thunberg later addressed the crowd at the Brandenburg Gate expressing her disappointment with the older generation for a lack of action on the climate.

“When we say to them that we are worried about the future of our civilisation, they just pat on our heads saying: ‘Everything will be fine, don’t worry’. But we should worry.”

Thunberg emphasised the need for more concrete actions in salvaging the climate adding, “we still haven’t seen anything yet, this is only the beginning of the beginning, trust me.”

Thunberg who is planning to stay in Berlin until Sunday will also visit the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. On Saturday she will be honoured with a Golden Camera (film and television award) in the German capital.

Thunberg, who has been demonstrating on Fridays since August 2018 under the motto “School strike for the climate” in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm, is now well-known all over the world as she has inspired climate strikes globally. For her activities Greta has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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