Sleepwalking Beyond the Point of No Return: Non-thought and Nonsense in High Places | EV & N 309 | CCTV


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Those in control of the dominant institutions in our society are acting on misplaced metaphors and serious delusions of power in a fragile ecosystem.  The insights of Zheng He, Columbus, Magellan and many others since their achievements in the 15th century have made it clear that we live on a spherical globe suspended by the laws of physics in a vast and largely empty universe.  The trouble is that the very important empirical discoveries of these explorers have been largely swept aside by the illusion of the “endless frontiers” for expansion that their achievements  unleashed in the minds of political, military and economic elites.

From a systems perspective, of course, “frontier” metaphors make no sense on Earth because linear metaphors are meaningless on the surface of a sphere.  Nevertheless, flat-earth frontier imagery has fueled the delusions of the powerful and inspired the unthinking adherence of millions of people to support the agenda of continuous expansion in one kingdom and country after another ever since the fifteenth century.

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