JM Fortier on Small Scale Market Gardening

Published on Dec 14, 2018

Jean-Martin (JM) Fortier challenges new farmers to start small and to also consider staying small. JM Fortier spoke at the “Working with Living Soils,” and “Crop planning and Farm Management” sessions at EcoFarm Conference 2019. He was a well-loved keynote speaker as part the “Successful Organic Farmers” session at the 2018 EcoFarm Conference.

A farmer, educator and author specializing in organic and biologically intensive cropping practices, his award-winning book, The Market Gardener, has inspired tens of thousands of readers worldwide to reimagine human scale food systems. His message is one of empowerment in order to educate, encourage and inspire people into pursuing a farming career and lifestyle. Besides running a new experimental farm located in southern Quebec, JM now teaches an online masterclass to growers from all over the world.

“I love the fact that we are changing the world, one farm at a time.”

“When I come to EcoFarm, I see how I’m connected to this whole network of awesome people that are doing awesome things.” – JM Fortier

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