Life in the Soil

Kellogg Garden Products
Published on Mar 19, 2015

Learn what makes plants grow and how you can cultivate a thriving, sustainable garden – the natural way. “Life in the Soil” explains the science behind healthy soil. Microbes, like bacteria and fungi, provide essential nutrients that help plants grow. However, human activity can deplete soils of these valuable microbes. Planting with certified organic soils and amendments helps restore the symbiotic relationship between plants and environment, which stimulates growth.

Conserve time and resources with these 4 tips:
1.) Think Organically – Using certified organic materials promotes growth naturally.
2.) Plant Native – Planting native plants encourages ecological balance with the area.
3.) Strive for 5 – Using 5% organic matter in soil promotes microbe growth and improves soil structure, as recommended by the U.S. Composting Council.
4.) 3 saves 30 – Placing 3 inches of nutrient rich organic mulch matter on top of your soil garden beds can conserve up to 30% more water.

Presented by Kellogg Garden Products.

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