In Search Of Balance

YouTube Movies  Published on Oct 4, 2016

Could the tsunami of chronic and autoimmune diseases that modern societies face be related to our increasing disconnection from nature? In Search of Balance explores a vision of health, science and nature that recognizes the importance of the interconnections between us, the food we consume, how we produce that food and the natural world at large including the mysterious, invisible world of the human microbiome. From the islands of Hawaii to rural villages of Italy, physician, author and ‘health explorer’, Dr. Daphne Miller guides us through conversations with scientists, doctors, farmers and personal stories of healing to uncover the myriad ways we are connected to everything around us.

Provider  GravitasVOD

Release date  2016  Running time  1:13:14  Language  English


Miguel AltieriEshel Ben-JacobJamie BoydJohn CalverlyHan-Kyu ChoGeoffrey DonovanRobert FerrettiConnor GarrettMichael GregerHampton HentonEmbriette HydeRob KnightWilliam KnokeRichard LouvEmeran MayerJoe McGinnDaphne MillerRandolph NesseGraham RookNancy SampsonRonnie SampsonKate ScowHilam ShibataTerry ShintaniPablo TittonellKoon-Jui WangDrake Weinert

Director  Adam Pfelghaar

Producers  Ken LeeJim LeeDaphne MillerEmeran Mayar

Writers  Adam PfleghaarKen Lee

Genres  Documentary

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