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Chomsky & Arandhati Roy + Q&A Parts 1 and 2

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Published on Apr 6, 2010

MIT 2010

What free market ideologues purposefully obscure. Chomsky on Libertarianism and Free Markets

Published on Dec 6, 2011

Whether you are for or against the Occupy Movement, understanding this is critical to understanding what American capitalism is all about. In addition, Chomsky’s explanation buttresses our argument: Capitalism and Socialism are both utopian ideologies, beautiful in the abstract, responsible for unparalleled levels of terrorism and exploitation in practice.

Noam Chomsky Is Capitalism Making Life Better

Published on Dec 4, 2009

Noam Chomsky Is Capitalism Making Life Better.

Noam Chomsky on Questions that influenced his life

ParlioPublished on Oct 4, 2015

For more questions and answers check out: http://www.parlio.com/qa/noam-chomsky

David Wallace-Wells, “The Uninhabitable Earth”

Politics and Prose
Published on Mar 19, 2019

David Wallace-Wells discusses his book, “The Uninhabitable Earth”, at Politics and Prose on 3/12/19. Expanding on his July 2017 New York magazine article—called “the Silent Spring of our time” and the most-read piece in the magazine’s history—Wallace-Wells’s new book is an unsparing look at the realities of climate change and the consequences of our continuing failure to face them.

Pointing to the increase in storms of unprecedented magnitude, the now year-round wildfires, and the rising oceans, Wallace-Wells argues that climate change is well under way, and that its impact will be more severe than even our worst-case scenarios indicate. Writing with passion and urgency, Wallace-Wells, a national fellow at the New America foundation and a columnist and deputy editor at New York, goes beyond the science of climate change to show that it’s an existential crisis so severe that it will reshape every aspect of human life. https://www.politics-prose.com/book/9…

David Wallace-Wells is a national fellow at the New America foundation and a columnist and deputy editor at New York magazine. He was previously the deputy editor of The Paris Review. He lives in New York City. Founded by Carla Cohen and Barbara Meade in 1984, Politics and Prose Bookstore is Washington, D.C.’s premier independent bookstore and cultural hub, a gathering place for people interested in reading and discussing books. Politics and Prose offers superior service, unusual book choices, and a haven for book lovers in the store and online.

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Rekindling the Radical Imagination – Arundhati Roy Chomsky, March 21, 2010

elmagnoonPublished on May 24, 2010

Arundhati Roy CLASSIC Interview: AUSSIE SHOW~~ Enough Rope (2004)

Published on Nov 9, 2011

Arundhati Roy is interviewed on Australia’s Enough Rope in 2004, before accepting the Sydney Peace Prize.

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Arundhati Roy Latest speech

Shruti TV
Published on May 26, 2016

Arundhati Roy Latest speech

Arundhati Roy with Anthony Arnove, Conversation, 3 May 2017

Lannan Foundation
Published on May 4, 2017

Arundhati Roy in conversation with Anthony Arnove. This event is part of the Lannan Foundation’s In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom series. You can find more videos at podcast.lannan.org

Arundhati Roy says Capitalism is not working for masses (BBC Newsnight)

Radical Conversations
Published on Jan 14, 2015

Dated 2014-11-19. Links to her books.
Capitalism a ghost story https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1…
Annihilation of Caste: The Annotated Critical Edition https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2…