My Brothers Keeper for Negroes – The Renaissance Series

My Brothers Keeper for Negroes – The Renaissance Series

Published on Jul 22, 2018

The Negroes before the slave trade(3) Have you ever imagined what the Negroes lives were like prior to the brutal slave trade of between 1434 – 1900? Have you ever tried to imagine how many Negroes were captured and shipped as slaves to the different parts of the world? Have you ever heard about a group called Hebrew Israelites?

Have you ever tried to understudy why they believe that slavery and slave trade was custom made for them? In this video, we tried to examine who it was that captured and sold the Negroes as slaves between 1434 and 1900. We examine the state of the slave trade today and how the slave masters foot soldiers are still murdering and enslaving the Negroes today.


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