Students Protest Yale’s Investments in Fossil Fuels, Puerto Rican Debt + Hampshi re College Students Stage Sit-In in Face of Closure Threat

Mar 06, 2019

At Yale University, 17 students were arrested by the school’s police Monday, after they occupied the investments office to demand Yale divest its nearly $30 billion endowment from fossil fuel companies and Puerto Rico’s debt. The student activists say that climate change worsens economic inequality, and that in the case of Puerto Rico, vulture funds holding the island’s debt are demanding repayment as many are still reeling from Hurricane Maria.

Mar 06, 2019

And in Massachusetts, students at Hampshire College have been staging a weeks-long sit-in in the president’s office, protesting what they fear may be the future shuttering of their school. In January, the president of Hampshire College announced they would seek to merge the school with a “strategic partner,” before laying off staff in the following weeks and announcing it would not be admitting a new class in the fall. This is a Hampshire College student with the group Hamp Rise Up, which has been organizing the protests.

Ola’i Wildeboar: “We’re fighting for transparency, better representation and an educational system that listens to us and actually serves our best interests. … It’s really tragic, the fact that schools like this are closing down so rapidly. And now that we’re here in the midst of this movement, I realize how important education is and how essential it is for these places to exist.”

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