The Africans Role in the Caribbean Slave Trade


Published on Mar 1, 2016
The Africans were Involved in the Slave Trade. The NATIVE Africans were complicit in the trade of slaves to the Atlantic. It is believed that the Trans-Atlantic slave trade started by the Portuguese in collaboration with native Africans. For two hundred years, 1440-1640, Portugal had a monopoly on the export of slaves from Africa. They were also the last European country to abolish slavery – although, like France, it still continued to work former slaves as contract laborers, which they called libertos or engagés à temps. It is estimated that during the 4 1/2 centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Portugal was responsible for transporting over 4.5 million Africans (roughly 40% of the total)…

How Did the Europeans Obtain the Slaves?

Between 1450 and the end of the nineteenth century, slaves were obtained from along the west coast of Africa with the full and active co-operation of African kings and merchants. (There were occasional military campaigns organized by Europeans to capture slaves, especially by the Portuguese in what is now Angola, but this accounts for only a small percentage of the total.)

Unfortunately, our West Indian ancestors, including our academics and intellectuals back then of whose videos they are using in their Afrikan Liberation movements, were largely unaware of the native African involvement when they were fighting and campaigning to liberate them and to improve their social & economic conditions. However, we are aware of these facts and will focus on our own people and development as we are the ONLY group of people who owe nothing to anyone. Despite being the riches continent in natural resources Africa had NEVER made reparations to the Caribbean and the rest of the Americas for their role in the slave trade and no UNRESERVED apologies, they instead asked of us!!! Their liberation movements and their identities being forced on us through threats, manipulation and harassment is just another nasty episode in getting our labour by force as they have always done, as slavery had abolished. Focus, focus, focus my Caribbean people on how we will get ourselves out this economic black-hole and strengthening of CARICOM trade & development.

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