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The BLOWBACK SYNDROME: Oil Wars and Overreach

Elijah Cummings: ‘200 Years From Now, People Will Be Reading About This Moment’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Reports indicate Trump ordered Kushner’s security clearance, despite concerns

The impact of CPAC

Elijah Cummings’ stunning closing remarks at Cohen hearing

Why climate change is an ‘all-encompassing threat’ – David Wallace-Wells

Although a candidate just entered the 2020 presidential race with a platform centered on climate change, some experts say Americans aren’t fully aware of the scope and seriousness of global warming. Among them is David Wallace-Wells, who argues in a new book that the severity of the climate crisis has not yet been acknowledged, let alone addressed. He sits down with William Brangham to discuss.

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London: 9 “Extinction Rebellion” Activists Arrested at Oil Conference

Image Credit: Snowflake Foxtrot
Feb 28, 2019

And in London, police arrested nine climate activists Wednesday as they nonviolently blocked the entrance to a hotel where a petroleum industry conference was underway. Some of the activists superglued themselves to the hotel’s windows and doors, forcing police to spend about two hours removing them as the International Petroleum Week conference met inside. In a statement, activist Sam Knights of the group Extinction Rebellion said, “These companies are destroying our planet. We have to start talking about that. We have to start pointing out, again and again, that their business model is based on the mass murder of hundreds and millions of people.”