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Trump to Nominate Ex-Oil Lobbyist Bernhardt as Head of Interior Dept.

Feb 05, 2019

President Trump has announced he will nominate David Bernhardt as secretary of the Interior Department. Bernhardt, a former oil lobbyist, has been the agency’s acting secretary since Ryan Zinke stepped down in December amid multiple scandals and ethics investigations. Bernhardt was confirmed as deputy secretary of the interior in 2017, where he helped roll back regulations overseen by the department. He worked to make the approval for land and offshore drilling projects easier, and proposed limiting protections for endangered species. Bernhardt also ordered some furloughed workers back to work during the government shutdown to push through on oil and natural gas drilling permits, offshore drilling and drilling in the Alaska refuge.

Report: Climate Change Will Reduce Himalayan Glaciers by At Least 1/3

Feb 05, 2019

In environmental news, a new report finds that at least a third of the Himalayan ice cap will melt off by the end of the century due to rising temperatures. The report states that even radical change to human behavior would not be enough to save the glaciers of the Hindu Kush and Himalaya range, with major consequences for nearly 2 billion people. The Hindu Kush and Himalaya region stretches from Afghanistan to Myanmar and is the largest concentration of ice after the Arctic and Antarctica. The melting glaciers risk overflowing lakes that would engulf local communities by mid-century, before river flows go into decline, affecting power supplies from hydro dams and agricultural production.

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Activists Arrested After Shutting Off Enbridge Pipeline Valves

Image Credit: Twitter/@4necessity
Feb 05, 2019

And four activists known as the “Four Necessity Valve Turners” were arrested Monday after shutting off two valves at an Enbridge Energy pipeline in Minnesota. The pipelines run over Native American territory. In a statement, the activists, who are part of the Catholic Worker Movement, said, “The group acts in solidarity with the most vulnerable worldwide who suffer the greatest impact from climate change. The Four Necessity Valve Turners believe it is time to take personal responsibility for preventing the dangerous expansion of the oil industry, because governments and regulators have failed to do so.” The Facebook page for the Four Necessity Valve Turners has reportedly been taken down since live-streaming yesterday’s actions. The activists are being held at a jail in Itasca County where they are awaiting arraignment hearings scheduled for Wednesday morning. They are facing possible misdemeanor charges including trespassing and property damage.

Significant 2018 climate change reports » Yale Climate Connections

This month’s bookshelf points to the past year’s most significant and authoritative climate change reports.

Two climate change reports caused quite a stir last year. The IPCC’s special report on Global Warming of 1.5 C° raised alarms in October. And the odd timing of the Trump administration’s release of the second part of the Fourth National Climate Assessment produced a spike in the coverage of climate change at the end of November. But other less-noticed reports also contributed to the evolution of our understanding of climate change in 2018.

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UNODC Labels High seas criminality ‘a threat to Gulf of Guinea and the world’ – UNODC Chief

United Nations

Published on Feb 5, 2019

Briefing by Mr. Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), on Transnational organized crime at sea as a threat to international peace and security. Under the agenda item: Maintenance of international Peace and Security.

FRONTLINE | “The Warning”: Sneak Peek 1 | PBS

Published on Oct 18, 2009 Watch the full-length episode at http://video.pbs.org/video/1302794657

or: Frontline : The Warning (Documentary)

http://www.pbs.org/frontline/warning/ In this clip from “The Warning,” airing Tues, Oct. 20, FRONTLINE traces back to the Clinton Administration and the pro-business, anti-regulation powerbrokers Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, and the man referred to as “The Wizard,” Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan.

In the devastating aftermath of the economic meltdown, FRONTLINE sifts the ashes for clues about why it happened and examines critical moments when it might have gone much differently. Looking back into the 1990s, veteran FRONTLINE producer/director Michael Kirk (“Inside the Meltdown,” “Breaking the Bank”) discovers early warnings of the crash, reveals an intense battle among high-ranking members of the Clinton administration and uncovers a concerted effort not to regulate the emerging, highly complex and lucrative derivatives markets that would become the ticking time bomb within the American economy.

Watch “The Warning” on air and online beginning Tuesday, October 20 on PBS (check local listings) and at http://www.pbs.org/frontline/warning/

Watch on the Frontline official website.

“Cumulative emissions of carbon – a path to halting climate change?” with Dr Joeri Rogelj

Oxford Martin School

Streamed live 3 hours ago

This is a joint event with the Oxford Energy Colloquia

Since the late 2000s, science has established that global warming is largely defined by the total amount of carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere. This concept not only implies that halting warming to any level implies that global carbon dioxide emissions have to be reduced to net zero, it also allows to estimate carbon budgets that would be compatible with limiting warming to either 1.5°C or 2°C. Once established, the carbon budget concept and its implications were rapidly taken up in policy discussions.

In this talk, Dr Joeri Rogelj, will explore and discuss the latest developments in estimating the remaining carbon budget as well as its usefulness for guiding policy and climate change mitigation action.

About the speaker

Joeri Rogelj was an Oxford Martin School Visiting Fellow with the Oxford Martin Zero Carbon Investment Initiative and the Oxford Martin Programme on the Post-Carbon Transition. He is a Lecturer in Climate Change and the Environment at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London. His research aims at actively informing the international climate policy debate through dedicated interdisciplinary research and analysis, and focusses on the scientific assessment of international climate agreements, the identification and response to major gaps in knowledge for effective climate policy, and the development of new concepts bridging the divide between social and physical sciences.

Over the past decade, Joeri has contributed to and led several major scientific climate change assessments informing the international climate negotiations under the UNFCCC. He is a long-serving lead author on the Emissions Gap Reports; these are annual policy synthesis reports by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). He contributed to the physical science and climate change mitigation assessment of Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is a Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C of Global Warming, and a Lead Author on carbon budgets for the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment. He also continues to follow the UNFCCC climate negotiations as a scientific advisor.

He has published on the potential effectiveness of international climate agreements including the Copenhagen Accord and the Paris Agreement, carbon budgets, implications of delaying climate mitigation action, the mitigation potential of short-lived climate forcers, global zero emission targets, the interaction between climate and sustainable development, the appropriateness of global temperature targets like 2°C, and emission pathways that limit global warming to 1.5°C and 2°C.

Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk

Sanders And Schumer Team Up To Stop Corporate Stock Buybacks At Greedy Companies

The Ring of Fire

Published on Feb 5, 2019

Senators Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer have teamed up to draft legislation that would put an end to corporate stock buybacks if corporations aren’t paying at least a $15 minimum wage. This is the kind of legislation that is sorely needed to help combat the rampant greed that has become the standard at American corporations. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this move. Link – https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/4…

Stop the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

Free Press
Published on Feb 5, 2019

Free Press talks about why the T-Mobile/Sprint merger would drive up wireless prices for everyone — harming low-income people and communities of color in particular. #stoptmobilesprint

Frontline : The Warning (Documentary)

Asia Sporer
Published on Sep 26, 2017

Watch on the Frontline official website.