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As Bad Climate News Builds Up, Central Governments Shut Down | EV & N 297 | CCTV



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The Continuous “Perfect Storm:”
Climate Change, International Refugees and the Instability Syndrome

As climate change provokes economic hardship around the world and displacement of international climate refugees, governments — particularly in the industrial “North” — find they are shutting down in response to “immigration problems.”

Throughout Europe countries are preoccupied with the “migrant problem” from the Middle East and from the south across the Mediterranean.  In England the political right-wing exploited fears of cross-channel immigration from European Union (EU) countries to fuel anxiety and public support for a “Brexit” referendum [promoting the British “exit” from the European Union] — even though, by all calculations this move, would prove a disaster for the average British worker.

In subsequent months, the tortuous and confusing “Brexit negotiations” between Britain and the EU have virtually shut down the British government and may yet topple the conservative party leadership.  In the United States the fear of immigration has brought the government to its longest shutdown in history.  The President has become obsessed with creating a “wall” to keep out migrants of all kinds fleeing deteriorating living conditions and repressive political regimes, largely brought to power or maintained in their dominant role with U.S. military support.

Beneath all the political instability is the driving force of climate chaos, extreme weather events, sea-level rise and crop failures from excessive rain or abnormal drought resulting from novel and unpredictable weather conditions provoked by a rapidly changing climate.

The re-doubling of the extraction and combustion of fossil fuels by fossil-fuel corporations favored and fostered by the Trump administration has lead to a spike in carbon dioxide emissions which, in turn, will further aggravates climate disruption for years, decades and centuries to come.  This pattern of destabilization will continue to generate the grounds for political instability throughout Central and South America in the foreseeable future.

In short, the fossil-fueled industrialization largely imposed upon the global ecosystem by countries from the “global North” throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, has generated a perpetual “perfect storm” of climate induced desperation.  Seeking merely to recover or replicate what made industrial nations “great” in the past will only serve to accentuate and amplify the global instability syndrome currently underway.

In the absence of visionary leadership to make the transition to renewable energy and recycled material systems around the world modern industrial civilization will simply collapse.  It has come to depend on non-renewables, and soon it will not be renewed.  It will instead be devoured increasingly in country after country by decades of internal civil unrest and heightened international political turmoil.

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What Are The Financial Relationships Between Universities And Corporate America? by Jeffrey Lockwood

The Real Truth About Health
Published on Jan 13, 2019

Exploring censorship imposed by corporate wealth and power, this Jeffrey Lockwood focuses on the energy industry in Wyoming, where coal, oil, and gas are pillars of the economy. The Jeffrey examines how governmental bodies and public institutions have suppressed the expression of ideas that conflict with the financial interests of those who profit from fossil fuels. He reveals the ways in which university administrations, art museums, education boards, and research institutes have been coerced into destroying artwork, abandoning studies, modifying curricula, and firing employees. His book “Behind the Carbon Curtain” is an eloquent story of the conflict between private wealth and free speech.

Jeffrey Lockwood was born in Connecticut and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He earned a B.S. in biology from New Mexico Tech and a Ph.D. in entomology from Louisiana State University. He worked for 17 years as an insect ecologist at the University of Wyoming, publishing more than 150 scientific papers and pioneering a safer method of rangeland grasshopper management that is now used across the western United States.

In 2003, he metamorphosed into a Professor of Natural Sciences & Humanities in the department of philosophy (where he teaches environmental ethics and philosophy of ecology) and in the program in creative writing (where he teaches workshops in non-fiction). His writing has been honored with a Pushcart Prize, the John Burroughs award, inclusion in the Best American Science and Nature Writing, and a silver medal from the Independent Book Publishers Association. His first book was a collection of essays about his work in pest management titled, Grasshopper Dreaming: Reflections on Killing and Loving.

His most recent nonfiction books are Six-Legged Soldiers: Using Insects as Weapons of War, The Infested Mind: Why Humans Fear, Loathe and Love Insects, and Behind the Carbon Curtain: The Energy Industry, Political Censorship, and Free Speech. This latter book has drawn the attention of politicians, environmentalists, industrialists, and educators across the nation. A review in Science concludes: “For those moved to take action by this book, Lockwood advises a mix of courage and caution. His job as a tenured professor at the University of Wyoming is secure; he can and is obligated to speak truth to power no matter how uncomfortable. But each of us must decide what free speech is worth compared with the cost of speaking out.”

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Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal – Vermont Formal Testimonies

ORCA Media
Published on May 19, 2018

This recording includes part of the official proceedings of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal Session on Human Rights, Fracking and Climate Change, taking place May 14 to 18, 2018. Vanessa Brown, attorney and representative of 350 Vermont and the Green Mountain Druids, presented the Testimonies included here to the Tribunal on May 16, 2018. She shares video testimony from residents of Vermont where, despite a moratorium on fracking technology, a fracked-gas pipeline has been proposed.

These witnesses fear for the security of their health and the health of the land they hold dear. We also hear witness testimony from a Native American man who has moved part-time to Vermont from Oklahoma, where the fracking industry thrives.

He was driven from his home because of the health effects he experienced from the exposure to toxins. Participants include Brian Tokar, Rachel Smolker, Lisa Barrett, Nathan Palmer, Earl Hatley, Fearn Lickfield.

The Youth Have Seen Enough – EcoWatch

The world’s youth have finally seen and heard enough from the deplorable political process, from compromised delegates, corrupted political appointees, and criminal corporations who sabotage these critical international discussions.

The truth of our ecological crisis is not difficult to see. Fragile ecosystems are unraveling all around us. We have been warned by scientists for two centuries: by the 1972 “Limits to Growth” study, William Catton’s 1980 book Overshoot, by reliable scientists, and by millions of ecology activists. We were warned by the 2009 Nature article, “Planetary Boundaries” showing that humanity has breached seven critical tipping points; and by the 2012, Nature article, “Approaching a State Shift in Earth’s Biosphere,” by 22 international scientists warning of an “irreversible” planetary-scale transition, “unknown in human experience.”

…(read more).

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