NBC News Climate Change Poll Report Shows Belief Is Partisan, Driven By Flawed Media Coverage

The United States remains the only developed democracy where The Climate Change Debate is primarily over whether climate change is real. Most places, the debate is over what to do about it. But not in the World’s Greatest Democracy, where one of the two major political parties our system allows simply denies—using various, ever-shifting, often-contradictory lines of rhetoric—that it’s real and man-made and we must do something to combat it. A new chunk of polling data suggests this dynamic may continue, regardless of the mountains of evidence that have led scientists to come to an unambiguous consensus that the climate is changing and human beings are largely causing it.

NBC News published a report Sunday that illustrated the problem and, simultaneously, demonstrated a major factor in why it has been allowed to persist. The top-line takeaway was that the American public now mostly accepts that the problem is real. Oh, joy.

…(read more).

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