Castles and Dungeons on the Coasts and Islands: Retracing Some Steps in the Atlantic Trade | EV & N 293 | CCTV
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The detailed study of maps of West Africa in the slave trade reveals new insights about the Atlantic trade.  In addition new forms of online connectivity now makes it possible to link rare-book and manuscript archives with contemporary on-the-spot data to generate a “virtual visit” to many of the castles and dungeons initially important in the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Atlantic trade from West Africa.

With the use of the Google Chrome browser, for example, you can see:

Similarly, you can view the historically important Island of Goree, off-shore from Dakar Senegal,

04a-1745-Goree-coastal-500and “walk through” its important contemporary museum of Senegalese history & the slave trade..

See related:

For the creative use of digitized historical documents & maps see:

See related historical background material:


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