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Chris Hedges – The American Empire Will Collapse Within a Decade, Two at Most (11-19-18)


Published on Nov 20, 2018

Here, Chris speaks with CBC Radio about his new book and predicts that the US empire will collapse within the next 20 years, probably within the next 10.

Trump Denies Findings of National Climate Report

Nov 27, 2018

President Trump said Monday he does not believe the findings in last week’s government report on climate change. Thirteen federal agencies contributed to the report, which warns that human-driven climate change threatens to shrink the U.S. economy by as much as ten percent by 2100, while increasing extreme weather events, destroying infrastructure, worsening air quality, destroying crops and leading to more frequent disease outbreaks. This is Trump speaking with reporters Monday.

President Trump: “I’ve seen it, I’ve read some of it and it’s fine.”

Reporter: “They say economic impact could be devastating—of climate change.”

President Trump: “No, I don’t believe it. No, no, I don’t believe it. And here’s the other thing. You’re going to have to have China and Japan and all of Asia and all of these other countries, you know—it addresses our country. Right now, we’re at the cleanest we’ve ever been, and that’s very important to me. But if we’re clean, but every other place on earth is dirty, that’s not so good. So, I want clean air, I want clean water. That’s very important.”

White House Tries to Bury Climate Report With Devastating Conclusions

Nov 26, 2018

The White House quietly released a major new climate change report Friday that seems to directly contradict its own environmental policies. The congressionally-mandated study by 300 scientists across 13 federal agencies warns that human-driven climate change threatens to shrink the U.S. economy by as much as ten percent by the end of the century. It details how the consequences of climate change are hitting on several fronts: increasing wildfires, crumbling infrastructure, worsening air quality, failing crops and more frequent disease outbreaks. The more-than-1,600-page National Climate Assessment was made public by the White House on Black Friday, causing many to question the timing of its release. Later in the broadcast, we’ll speak with the report’s lead author, Kristie Ebi, along with environmental leader Bill McKibben of 350.org.

News Wrap: Trump rejects finding of his own administration’s climate report

Published on Nov 26, 2018 PBS NewsHour

In our Monday news wrap, a new climate change report from the Trump administration predicts dire economic effects from global warming, but President Trump said he doesn’t believe it. Also, Prime Minister Theresa May has begun her final push to sell the British Parliament on a deal to exit the European Union.

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Trump Admin. Report On Climate Change Shows Danger To Humans, Environment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Published on Nov 26, 2018

A new report from the Trump administration details the significant damage already done by climate change and what is yet to come for the environment, human health, and the economy. Stephanie Ruhle is joined by Axios Chief Financial Correspondent Felix Salmon and New York Times Climate and Energy Reporter Coral Davenport to discuss the staggering numbers and how they directly contradict the policies pursued by the Trump administration.

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A Green New Deal: Bill McKibben Hails Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Plan to Combat Climate Change

Published on Nov 26, 2018
Democracy Now

https://democracynow.org – Rep. John Lewis has become the most prominent Democratic legilsator to back incoming New York congressmember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s call for a Green New Deal. The resolution would create a bipartisan committee that would work on a plan to bring the U.S. to a carbon-neutral economy and adopt 100 percent renewable energy. For more, we speak to Bill McKibben, co-founder of 350.org.

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Bill McKibben: New Report Reconfirms Climate Change is Shrinking Inhabitable Parts of the Planet

Published on Nov 26, 2018
Democracy Now

https://democracynow.org – On the heels of yet another alarming climate change report—this time released by a White House that openly denies global warming—we speak with 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben and public health scholar Kristie Ebi about President Trump’s environmental policies, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal and what it will take to fight the growing threat of climate change.

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Trump Admin Tries to Bury 1,656-Page Climate Report Warning of Devastating Health Impacts of Warming

Published on Nov 26, 2018
Democracy Now!

https://democracynow.org – The White House released an alarming climate change report on Black Friday, attempting to bury a 1,656-page government assessment that directly contradicts President Trump’s history of climate change denial. The damning report, known as the National Climate Assessment, says that the consequences of climate change will leave no part of the U.S. untouched and that the warming climate will increase wildfires, crumble infrastructure, worsen air quality, destroy crops and lead to more frequent disease outbreaks. It also finds that global warming could shrink the U.S. economy by as much as 10 percent by the end of the century.

The findings are a sharp rebuke to the Trump administration’s insistence that environmental regulations hurt jobs and hinder economic growth. We speak with Kristie Ebi, a professor of global health at the University of Washington in Seattle and the lead author of the report’s chapter on the human health impacts of climate change.

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Trump’s Road to the White House (full film) | FRONTLINE

Published on Jan 24, 2017

An investigation of how Donald Trump defied expectations to win the presidency — and what it suggests about how he will govern. Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1BycsJW Through revealing interviews with campaign insiders, filmmaker Michael Kirk and his team examine how Trump rallied millions of supporters and defeated adversaries — and what it suggests about how he will govern.

Trump says he’s “not happy” about GM cuts, doesn’t believe climate report

Published on Nov 26, 2018
CBS News

As he departed for Mississippi, President Trump spoke with reporters about U.S. auto giant GM’s announced layoffs and plant closures. He said he had spoken with GM CEO Mary Barra and that he had been “very tough.” He also said he doesn’t believe a dire climate change assessment released by his administration.