Paul Roberts – The End of Food

Food Farmer Earth
Published on Oct 30, 2018

From the archives: Paul Roberts, journalist and author of the book, The End of Food, shares the story of the early years of industrial farming and how the accidental use of antibiotics lead to a revolution in livestock production. Unfortunately, as he says, their adverse impacts would not be recognized until decades later. Although this talk was recorded in 2009, antibiotic use in agriculture climbed significantly from that year through 2015. In 2016, according to the FDA, for the first time, usage fell about 14% in agriculture. Largely, the problem remains a huge concern because of the increasing problems of antibiotic resistance in humans and the continuation of the livestock industry on their use. “Antibiotics used in animal agriculture contribute to the threat of drug resistance. Although detailed information about antibiotic use in animals is lacking, available data show that around 70 percent of the total volume of all medically important antibiotics in the United States is sold for use on the farm.”


Food Farmer EarthPublished on Nov 6, 2018

From the archives: Paul Roberts, author of The End Of Food, summarizes the state of our food system circa 2009. Roberts argues that our industrial agriculture system is sick and that applying surface solutions to problems will not get to the root of the problem. Instead, he argues, we need to reinvent how we produce and distribute food and that there’s a critical role for government to help us get there. Roberts warns, It won’t be quick and it’s not going to be cheap but ultimately our entire food system will have to become sustainable. Part 2.

Watch Part 1- The End of Food – Paul Roberts


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