Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh launches citywide plan to protect against coastal flooding, calls climate change ‘urgent priority’ – Boston Business Journal

By Catherine Carlock – Real Estate Editor, Boston Business Journal
Oct 17, 2018, 8:00am

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh on Wednesday announced a sweeping plan to protect the city’s 47-mile shoreline ahead of a major environmental disaster, calling climate change “an urgent priority” for Boston and urging business leaders to participate in the comprehensive citywide resiliency plan.

The “Resilient Boston Harbor” initiative aims to create a district-wide waterfront protection plan, laying out strategies to protect the shoreline of East Boston, Charlestown, downtown, South Boston and Dorchester. It also creates an additional 67 acres of open space along the water. Some of the plan’s early strategies include elevating transportation corridors and redesigning waterfront parks, integrating resiliency measures into newly constructed buildings and bolstering existing buildings with flood resiliency measures.

“We’re not just planning for the next storm we will face — we’re planning for storms the next generation will face. This is a moment they’ll look back and judge us by,” Walsh said Wednesday to a group of business leaders at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce government affairs forum. “Our downtown financial engines are at stake. Hundreds of small businesses are at stake. Many thousands of homes are at stake. Billions of dollars of public and private investment, and property, and infrastructure are at stake.”

He showed the crowd a map of Boston Harbor in 2070 with 40 inches of sea level rise during a 100-year storm event, which would potentially see waters from the Fort Point Channel and Dorchester Bay flooding into the middle of Dorchester.

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