Are We Becoming too Dumb to Solve the Big Problems such as Climate Change?

Climate State
Published on Oct 29, 2018

Recent studies suggest that various pollution sources contribute to the decline of cognitive abilities, IQ scores, human intelligence. Could this trend potentially affect our collective efforts to combat climate change? Support Climate State on Patreon Sources Video narrated by Cormac Bren – Sound and Music by Epic Stock Media
Additional video material via, NASA, and IQ scores are falling and have been for decades, new study finds…
High CO2 Levels Inside & Out: Double Whammy? https://www.yaleclimateconnections.or…
Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals…
Xi Chen discusses the study he co-authored on air pollution and intelligence…
If we were really smart, we’d get over our fixation on the IQ test…
Are we getting smarter or dumber, or both? Frank Salter interviews Michael A. Woodley…
Teaser image via Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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