“Resilient Boston Harbor” – Speech of Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, 17 October 2018

[Like many of the world’s post-Columbian cities Boston
is facing a massive problem with rising sea-levels.
On 17 October 2018 the Mayor of Boston
proposed this response.]

17 October 2018 – The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce


Martin J. Walsh, a lifelong advocate for working people and a proud product of the City of Boston, was sworn in as the City’s 54th Mayor in January of 2014. Mayor Walsh’s vision is of a thriving, healthy, and innovative Boston – a city with equality and opportunity for all, where a revolutionary history inspires creative solutions to the world’s hardest challenges. Since taking office he has worked to create good jobs, great schools, safe streets, and affordable homes, while building a more responsive, representative, and transparent city government. In addition, he invited the people of Boston to help build a blueprint for the city’s future in Imagine Boston 2030, the first citywide plan in half a century.

Before taking office, Mayor Walsh served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives from 1997 to 2013. Representing Boston’s diverse 13th Suffolk District, he was a leader on job creation and worker protections; substance abuse, mental health, and homelessness; K-12 education; and civil rights. He also played a key role defending Massachusetts’ pioneering stand on marriage equality.

To view a current list of attendees, click here.

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