How to Grow 42 Tomatoes on a 3 Ft Plant in a Container Organically

Published on Oct 6, 2018
John from visits a gardener who grows 42 tomatoes on a 3-foot tall plant as well growing other productive and large vegetables in containers on a rental property.

In this episode, you will learn about the power of mycorrhizae and how it can supercharge your plant growth, increase your plant yield, grow larger crops, conserve water and even sequester carbon.

First, John will give you a tour of the garden to share with you some of the amazing growth that can be realized by using a biologic organic gardening method.

You will discover how tomatoes, gourds, and even edible flowers respond when they have good mycorrhizae and other soil probiotics in the soil.

Next, John will interview Jim Egan, who works at his families company, Plant Success to learn more about how the plant success products caused Jim to have great success in his personal vegetable garden.

You will discover exactly what Jim put in his soil to reap incredible an incredible tomato yield.

You will also learn more about mycorrhizae and how it works and why it should be added to every transplant you are growing in your garden.

You will discover how these beneficial soil organisms can positively affect your vegetable garden to grow higher quantities and higher quality of food.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
03:09 How to Grow even if your renting
03:59 Buy a GYG tee shirt to help support me
04:30 3 Foot Tomato plant with 42 Tomatoes
08:12 Indigo Blue Berry Cherry Tomato Plant
09:18 Super Large Gourd
10:10 Walk-Through Gourd Trellis
11:37 Edible Marigolds Great for Salads
12:50 Interview with Jim
13:18 What is the secret to growing a 3 ft tomato with over 40 tomatoes
14:12 What did you put in the soil to grow all those tomatoes?
19:40 Why do you use compost teas once a week?
20:48 What are the main types of probiotics are there for soil?
22:00 Tell us more about the story of mycorrhizae
22:38 Isn’t Root fungus bad?
23:40 How many kinds of mycorrhizae do you offer?
23:52 Why do some mycorrhizae companies offer a single strain?
26:10 How to help prevent transplant shock
29:19 Multiple Strain Products better than a single strain
30:10 Why does someone need to purchase mycorrhizae when they live in the soil?
30:57 So someone can buy mushrooms to get mycorrhizae in their garden?
33:10 Benefits of using mycorrhizae
34:40 Do I need to only to apply mycorrhizae to my soil once?
36:34How bad is tilling to the mycorrhizae?
38:53 How much mycorrhizae should someone add to each plant?
40:42 How can I apply the water-soluble mycorrhizae to my plants?
43:04 If someone is using worm castings do I still need mycorrhizae?
44:29 Is the guaranteed analysis at the time of manufacturer?
48:38 If someone buys a bagged soil with mycorrhizae does someone still need to buy a mycorrhiza?
51:49 What is this picture?
56:50 Can you use mycorrhizae on every vegetable in your garden?
59;02 Should I get a mycorrhiza with endo and ecto varieties?
1:00:02 Why is the beneficial bacteria important?
1:02:34 What is the law of minimums?
1:05:23 What are the different Plant Success mycorrhizae products?
1:10:09 What products did you use to get 42 tomatoes on your plant?
1:12:47 How can someone get these mycorrhizae products?
1:14:49 How can someone contact you to learn more?

After watching this episode, you will learn about the power of beneficial soil organisms: mycorrhizae and bacteria and how you can easily add them to your garden for pennies a plant so you can get amazing growing results.

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