Wes Jackson on Land & Soil

Published on Sep 16, 2016

Wes Jackson is a pioneer of the sustainable agriculture movement. He places the focus there because, as he puts it, “If we don’t get sustainability in agriculture first, sustainability will not happen.”

After earning a BA in biology from Kansas Wesleyan University, an MA in botany from the University of Kansas, and a PhD in genetics from North Carolina State University, Jackson established and served as chair of one of the United States’ first environmental studies programs at California State University, Sacramento.

Jackson then chose to leave academia, returning to his native Kansas, where he founded a non-profit organization, The Land Institute, in 1976. He still heads the Institute, which describes its main goal as the development of “Natural Systems Agriculture,” including perennial grains, perennial polycultures, and intercropping. The Land Institute also publishes The Land Report, a newsletter about American sustainable agriculture and agrarianism. For more information on these interviews as well as more interviews:

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