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How Climate Change Could Drown New York City | Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Published on Nov 3, 2016

Take a look at how climate change and the rising sea level will affect New York City in the future with Josh Fox, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker behind “Gasland” and the new film “How To Let Go Of The World.”

Why Climate Change Is Making Hurricanes Worse | NYT News

The New York Times

Published on Sep 14, 2018

Rising ocean temperatures have fueled some of the most devastating storms in recent years. Kendra Pierre-Louis, a reporter on The New York Times’s climate team, explains how.

Noam Chomsky and Bill McKibben on Global Warming

Published on Jun 2, 2010

Listen to Noam and Bill speak to the consequence of Global Warming. Then go to 350.org and participate.

Joining Together in the “Climate Fight”

Climate One
Published on Sep 14, 2018

Bill McKibben of 350.org talks about the evolution of the environmental movement from individual efforts to collective efforts. He says there’s no time for us to adapt slowly: “You can’t make the math work one household at a time.”

Carbon Pollution Is Our Wake Up Call

Climate One
Published on Sep 14, 2018

Gina McCarthy says our climate problems are pollution problems, and those problems impact marginalized communities most. Carbon pollution is a wake up call directing our attention to the public health issues we face.

Bill Read on this weekend’s super storms

CGTN America
Published on Sep 14, 2018

CGTN’s Asieh Namdar spoke with Bill Read, the former director of the National Hurricane Center, for more on the Hurricane Florence and Super Typhoon Mangkhut.

Intersectional Approaches to Climate Change

Climate One
Published on Sep 14, 2018

Gloria Walton of SCOPE says climate solutions require an intersectional approach because the climate problems we face are rooted in different kinds of systemic oppression. She highlights the importance of outside perspectives when making change.