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The fossil fuel industry’s invisible colonization of academia | Benjamin Franta and Geoffrey Supran | Environment | The Guardian

Corporate capture of academic research by the fossil fuel industry is an elephant in the room and a threat to tackling climate change.

Benjamin Franta and Geoffrey Supran

Mon 13 Mar 2017 10.00 GMT

A combination of file photos shows the logos of five of the largest publicly traded oil companies; BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Total. Photograph: REUTERS/Reuters

On February 16, the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center hosted a film screening of the “Rational Middle Energy Series.” The university promoted the event as “Finding Energy’s Rational Middle” and described the film’s motivation as “a need and desire for a balanced discussion about today’s energy issues.”

Who can argue with balance and rationality? And with Harvard’s stamp of approval, surely the information presented to students and the public would be credible and reliable. Right?


The event’s sponsor was Shell Oil Company. The producer of the film series was Shell. The film’s director is Vice President of a family-owned oil and gas company, and has taken approximately $300,000 from Shell. The host, Harvard Kennedy School, has received at least $3.75 million from Shell. And the event’s panel included a Shell Executive Vice President.

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‘The Dangerous Case Of Donald Trump’: 27 Psychiatrists Assess | The Last Word | MSNBC


Published on Oct 5, 2017

In a new book, 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts asses President Donald Trump’s behavior. Do his impulses explain his decisions? The book’s editor Dr. Brandy Lee and Tony Schwartz, co-author of Trump’s “The Art of the Deal,” join Lawrence O’Donnell.

Fossil Fuel Industry “Colonizing” US Universities

ProjectCensoredPublished on May 13, 2018

Original Project Censored story at: http://projectcensored.org/21-fossil-… Original Story Source at: Benjamin Franta and Geoffrey Supran, “The Fossil Fuel Industry’s Invisible Colonization of Academia,” Guardian, March 13, 2017, https://www.theguardian.com/environme…. Video by Sage Healy Without the public’s awareness, fossil fuel interests—representing oil, gas, and coal companies as well as utilities and investors—have “colonized nearly every nook and cranny of energy and climate policy research in American universities,” two researchers at Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) reported in the Guardian in March 2017. Fossil fuel interests dominate energy and climate policy research at the nation’s most prominent universities, including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and the University of California, Berkeley. “The very experts we assume to be objective, and the very centers of research we assume to be independent,” Benjamin Franta and Geoffrey Supran wrote, “are connected with the very industry the public believes they are objectively studying. Moreover, these connections are often kept hidden.” The result is more than a “conflict of interest,” Franta and Supran reported. These are “industry projects with the appearance of neutrality and credibility given by academia.”

BBC World Service – ‘Fear’ – Bob Woodward’s Book on the Trump Presidency

The veteran journalist, Bob Woodward, once part of the team which unearthed the Watergate scandal talks to the BBC about his investigations into President Trump’s White House, and what officials have told him. Also: Morocco passes a new law criminalising sexual violence and harassment; Shan Tianfang, the master of pingshu – the classic Chinese art of storytelling, has died aged 84. (Picture: US President Donald Trump speaks during a fundraiser in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, September 2018. Credit: Getty)

China seeks WTO support to impose sanctions on US goods

Published on Sep 12, 2018

China is seeking authorization from the World Trade Organization to impose sanctions on up to 7-billion-US dollars worth of US imports annually over the failure of the US to comply with a 2016 WTO ruling. #ChinaUSTrade

Urban wildfires bring lingering worries about what’s in the ash and air

PBS NewsHour

Published on Sep 11, 2018

For weeks, smoky, unhealthy air from large wildfires has plagued much of the West Coast and beyond. What’s the public health impact of an increase of urban wildfires, in which homes and other structures burn? Special correspondent Cat Wise meets some of the researchers studying the risks for people from smoke and ash.

How prepared is FEMA for Hurricane Florence?

PBS NewsHour

Published on Sep 12, 2018

President Trump has said the federal government in “totally prepared” for Hurricane Florence, but the federal reaction to Hurricanes Harvey and Maria last year have raised questions about the nation’s disaster response. Judy Woodruff talks with former FEMA administrator Craig Fugate and Chris Currie, director of the U.S. Government Accountability Office.