The Heat: Controversial new book on Trump’s presidency

CGTN America
Published on Sep 11, 2018

For nearly half a century journalist Bob Woodward has been reporting on U.S. presidents. His latest book focuses on Donald Trump — portraying the President as uninformed and unprepared for the demands of his office — detached from the reality of what’s going on. Mr. Trump calls it “total fiction.” CGTN’s Jim Spellman has more in this report.

GTN AmericaPublished on Sep 11, 2018

To discuss all of this: Lynn Sweet is the Washington bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times. Craig Shirley is an historian who’s written several best-selling books on U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Atiba Madyun is a political analyst and president and founder of Party Politics US. Eric Bolling is a commentator and bestselling author.

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