Nature Always Adapts To Our Pesticides And GMO’s And Leaves Us Worse Off

The Real Truth About Health
Published on Sep 11, 2018

Why is evolutionary biology important and why is it needed in understanding food production, diet, and health? Andrew Dyer has a background in plant ecology and evolutionary biology with a particular emphasis on invasive plants and their impact on native plant and animal communities. Invasive species are important to science because they challenge long-held assumptions about how organisms adapt to their environment, how natural communities are assembled, and how natural diversity provides resistance and resilience in the face of change. Andrew’s writing has taken basic concepts from ecology and evolutionary biology to explain how the process of food production in modern agriculture has changed and how it adheres less and less to natural biological principles. The objective is to raise awareness of the hazards inherent in ignoring the rules of evolutionary biology when it comes to food and health.

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