Paulson Institute – Paulson Institute

Our mission is to strengthen U.S.-China relations and to advance sustainable economic growth and environmental protection in both countries.

The Paulson Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit “think and do” tank grounded in the principle that today’s most pressing economic and environmental challenges can be solved only if the United States and China—the world’s largest economies, energy consumers, and emitters of carbon—work in complementary ways.

A new approach: We believe that sustainable economic growth is only possible with a healthy natural environment, and we seek economic solutions for environmental challenges. We often work at the intersection of economics and the environment, as well as on important macroeconomic issues.

Our programs—the “Do” side—focus on advancing the transition to more sustainable, low-carbon economic models in China and the United States through industrial transformation, smart urbanization programs, and environmental conservation. In so doing, we aim to advance industrial and nature-based solutions to climate change. We also promote bilateral cross-border investment that will help create jobs and strengthen U.S.-China relations.

Our Think Tank publishes prescriptive and analytical papers from leading scholars and practitioners on the most important macroeconomic and structural reform issues facing China today.

Founded in 2011 by Henry M. Paulson, Jr., the 74th Secretary of the Treasury and former Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs, the Institute is based in Chicago and has offices in Washington and Beijing.

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