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Heading Beyond the Point-of-No-Return: National Carbon Policies, “Hothouse Earth” and the Crying Need for Global Leadership | EV & N – 284 | CCTV



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With the collapse of American climate leadership and the revival of accelerated fossil fuel use, leadership is needed from China and India.


Our Fights Ahead

Published on Dec 11, 2017

The world changed in 2017. Donald Trump became president and went right to work dismantling some of our most critical environmental and public health protections. NRDC has been fighting back relentlessly, taking the administration to court again and again to enforce the laws and defend our wildlife, wildlands, and environment. See how you can join these fights and help make NRDC an unstoppable force for nature in 2018.

Hothouse Earth | World Wakes Up to Possible Climate Apocalypse

News18 Digital
Published on Aug 10, 2018

The 2018 summer has brought climate change to the centre of the world’s attention. When Southern Europe reached abnormal highs close to 44 degrees Celsius in August, alarm bells started ringing across Europe, and across the world. While continuing climate change is widely acknowledged, a new study has claimed that the Earth might be just decades away from an apocalyptic phenomenon called “Hothouse Earth”, that could threaten humanity’s very existence.

MindPop 37: Truth and Post-Truth – MindPop

or Truth and Post-Truth – MindPop

How do we maintain a sense of fact and reality in a post-truth age? Are there any objective and universally accepted arbiters of truth left? How can democratic government, or even democratic argument, work without a mutually accepted body of information? Oxford politics scholar Nadia Hilliard talks about truth and post-truth in American government.