How Seeds, Soil Life, GMOs and Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria will Impact Your Famiilies’ Future

The Real Truth About Health
Published on Feb 20, 2016

Expert Panel Host: David Montgomery, Claire Cummings, Roger Greenlaw David Montgomery – Dirt, soil, call it what you want—it’s everywhere we go.

It is the root of our existence, supporting our feet, our farms, our cities.

However, we are running out of dirt, and it’s no laughing matter.

Learn how we are—and have long been—using up Earth’s soil.

Once bare of protective vegetation and exposed to wind and rain, cultivated soils erode bit by bit, slowly enough to be ignored in a single lifetime but fast enough over centuries to limit the lifespan of civilizations.

We see how soil has shaped us and we have shaped soil—as society after society has risen, prospered, and plowed through a natural endowment of fertile dirt.

The recent rise of organic and no-till farming offers hope for a new agricultural revolution that might help us avoid the fate of previous civilizations.

Claire Hope Cummings – exposes the stories behind the rise of industrial agriculture and plant biotechnology, the fall of public interest science, and the folly of patenting seeds.

She examines how farming communities are coping with declining water, soil, and fossil fuels, as well as with new commercial technologies.

Will genetically engineered and “terminator” seeds lead to certain promise, as some have hoped, or are we embarking on a path of uncertain peril? Will the “doomsday vault” under construction in the Arctic, designed to store millions of seeds, save the genetic diversity of the world’s agriculture? To answer these questions and others, Cummings examines the plight of farmers who have planted transgenic seeds and scientists who have been persecuted for revealing the dangers of modified genes.

At each turn, Cummings looks deeply into the relationship between people and plants.

She examines the possibilities for both scarcity and abundance and tells the stories of local communities that are producing food and fuel sustainably and providing for the future.

The choices we make about how we feed ourselves now will determine whether or not seeds will continue as a generous source of sustenance and remain the common heritage of all humanity.

It comes down to this: whoever controls the future of seeds controls the future of life on earth.

This is a powerful reminder that what’s at stake right now is nothing less than the nature of the future.

Roger Greenlaw – “One of the unique outcomes I observe in my practice is when you treat the root cause of one condition, (obesity, heartburn and constipation caused by poor diet, inactivity and stress) many of the patient’s other conditions begin to improve simultaneously, (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and resting pulse).

When you treat one, you treat them all.

” Now at the end of a decade of treating patients with a holistic approach Greenlaw said he finds that almost all his patients are interested in lifestyle change.

“Most diseases in our society are lifestyle related, and therefore preventable and modifiable by self care.

”His recommendation to other practitioners is embrace the arrival of the age of Lifestyle Medicine and the modification of disease through self care and natural therapies.

“Lifestyle Medicine may be our best treatment ally yet to facilitate disease prevention, reversal and rehabilitation,” Greenlaw said.


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