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Journeying the Belt and Road Episode 1: Greece

Russian economy reaps benefits from China-US trade tensions

Edge of Extinction: Consequences of an Ice-Free Arctic

Nature Bats Last
Published on Aug 10, 2018

Global dimming described here: https://guymcpherson.com/2018/08/edge…


Message from Afrizen: “In my journey through the “DABDA” stages of grieving, regarding my understanding and expectation of what is to come in terms of anthropomorphic climate change, this song expresses my time in the first A – Anger. With time and reflection I’ve made it through to the second A, Acceptance, and my position regarding my lyrics has changed. They made sense when my assumptions were 1. that humanity and nature are separate, 2. that humanity is “committing crimes” against nature, and 3. that humanity will be punished for doing so. My thinking now is that 1. I don’t see a fundamental distinction between our species and the rest of nature, and 2. humanity is behaving exactly in accordance with its evolved genetic imperatives to survive, thrive and multiply today, regardless of the consequences tomorrow. I think my lyrics’ vitriolic theme and tone are misplaced and I suspect the song’s effect might possibly be to either foster or reinforce anger and bitterness in listeners. These are natural and appropriate emotions when first waking up to the predicament we are in (as I understand it) but, in my personal experience, anger and bitterness are unhelpful and detrimental if not worked through and overcome. The upsides of this new perspective for me are greater compassion and tolerance for my fellows, greater peace of mind and general happiness. I can only wish the same for others who are going through this.”

Effect of trade war on long-term relationship of China and US

CGTN America
Published on Aug 11, 2018

Current Affairs Commentator Einar Tangen comments on how the trade war might affect the U.S.-China relationship long-term.