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How Will Climate Change And Population Growth Affect You?

The Real Truth About Health
Published on Dec 24, 2017

Climate change is still, arguably, the most critical and controversial issue facing the world in the twenty-first century.

Mark Maslin includes crucial updates from the last few years, including the results of the 2013 IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, the effects of ocean acidification, and the impact of changes to global population and health. Exploring all of the key topics in the debate, Maslin makes sense of the complexities climate change involves, from political and social issues to environmental and scientific. Looking at its predicated impacts, he explores all of the controversies and also explains the various proposed solutions.

Climate change: Are we all doomed? – UpFront

Al Jazeera English

Published on Nov 11, 2017
This month, the United States released an exhaustive scientific report on climate change, citing humans as the dominant cause of global warming.

So, should we still be optimistic about humans’ ability to combat climate change? And should we be worried about the possible doomsday scenarios that have been presented in the media? Or are these scenarios counter-productive?

David Wallace-Wells, the author of a controversial article titled The Uninhabitable Earth, which paints a pessimistic doomsday scenario for planet Earth, believes people are not as worried as they should be about the grave consequences of climate change:

“I think when you look at the public as a whole, it’s just very, very clear to me, and honestly, I don’t see a counter argument, that the public is not alarmed enough about what is possible and not motivated enough by that alarm to take political action,” says Wallace-Wells, who is also a deputy editor at New York Magazine.

For Andrew Freedman, senior science editor at Mashable, we need a more level approach:

“Is climate change fatalism a bigger problem than climate complacency?” asks Freedman, who is also a former science writer at Climate Central. “I think they’re both big problems. Neither one of them is necessarily a solution. I would prefer, like, climate change realism here.”

In this week’s Arena, David Wallace-Wells and Andrew Freedman debate how to cover climate change in a way that motivates the public to action.

TWO-MINUTE TALKING POINT – What does population growth mean for climate change? by Laurie Goering

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Published on Jul 17, 2013
“You might think that cutting population growth is most important in places like Africa, where birthrates are higher than anywhere else in the world. …But in fact, it’s curbing population in rich, developed countries that has the biggest influence on climate change.”

Population growth and climate change explained by Hans Rosling

The Guardian

Published on May 20, 2013

Population growth and climate change explained by Hans Rosling Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: http://bitly.com/UvkFpD Let me show you the world, says Swedish academic Han Rosling as he demonstrates the dynamics of population growth, child mortality and carbon dioxide emissions. The challenge for the world is to get everyone out of extreme poverty and get the richest people to use less fossil fuels so that everyone can share their energy levels, he says.

NEWSNIGHT: Hans Rosling on the consequences of population growth

BBC Newsnight

Published on Nov 7, 2013

Hans Rosling speaks to Newsnight about how global demographic trends are changing and what the world might look like in years to come.

How Brexit Could Make Food Prices Skyrocket


Published on Nov 8, 2017

British farmers are being hit by a shortage of migrant workers and are warning a dysfunctional Brexit will have a devastating impact on their industry. They are calling on the government to provide direction and answers on the future of British farming after the U.K. leaves the European Union. Bloomberg’s Angus Bennett travelled to Kent, in Southern England, to meet the farmers and migrant workers on the front lines of Brexit. Video by Angus Bennett and Gloria Kurnik

How Xi Jinping Went From Feeding Pigs to Ruling China

Published on Oct 6, 2017

How did Xi Jinping go from being a provincial politician to China’s paramount leader in such a short period of time?