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Winning the Battle But Losing Time: Scott Pruitt is “out,” but Lost Time, Lost Opportunities, and Lost Hope Will Remain His Enduring Legacy to the World | EV & N – 280 | CCTV



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The destructive, anti-science and ideologically driven impact of Scott Pruitt’s sixteen months as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be felt by all human societies in the coming decades and centuries.

Click here for further information on Scott Pruitt’s administration of the EPA.

Intense political fight brews over SCOTUS nomination as midterms loom

Torrential rains blamed for deaths of dozens in southwest Japan

Japan Is Flooding!!2018(Wont Stop Raining)

Life With Kuiko
Published on Jul 6, 2018

One week of nonstop rain!!

Japan: Floods and Landslides & Climate Connection Explained #大雨

Climate State
Published on Jul 7, 2018

Nearly 50,000 members of the Self-Defense Forces, police and firefighting services were taking part in searches for people https://goo.gl/smVVjQ & https://goo.gl/7KDWtD The Guardian https://goo.gl/9sMkd7 Japan 2018 CNN https://goo.gl/eH67Rh Japan 2017 https://edition.cnn.com/2017/07/08/as… Japan 2015 CNN https://edition.cnn.com/2015/09/12/as… Tokio news https://goo.gl/MW8V1b Global warming may be twice what climate models predict Past warming events suggest climate models fail to capture true warming under business-as-usual scenarios https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases…

Elderly are lifted by helicopters as floods in Japan claim at least 67 lives

Why Development in Africa Is So Difficult

Big Think

Published on Apr 23, 2012

The journalist explains the dysfunction that plagues Africa’s politics.

Japan floods: ‘Extreme danger’ amid record rainfall – BBC News

Parts of western Japan hit by deadly floods and landslides are facing unprecedented danger as more downpours are expected, officials warn.

“We’ve never experienced this kind of rain before,” a weather official said.

More than 60 people are dead and dozens missing after record rainfall caused rivers to burst their banks in Hiroshima and other areas.

Two million people have been ordered to evacuate. PM Shinzo Abe said rescuers were “working against time”.

“There are still many people missing and others in need of help,” the prime minister told reporters on Sunday.

Since Thursday parts of western Japan have received three times the usual rainfall for the whole of July, setting off floods and landslides.

Most of the deaths have occurred in Hiroshima prefecture. In the town of Motoyama, 583mm (23in) of rain fell between Friday morning and Saturday morning.

Further rain warnings are in effect, with more than 250mm (10 in) predicted to fall in some areas by Monday.

An official at the Japanese Meteorological Agency told a news conference: “This is a situation of extreme danger.”

Japan floods: Devastation from downpours and landslides – BBC News

Hiroshima Prefecture and other areas of western Japan are hit by landslides after heavy rains.
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The Colonial Legacy in Africa

Big Think

Published on Apr 20, 2012

Africans must take responsibility for the problems they are facing. It has been 50 years since Ghana’s independence in 1957. It has been 27 years since the independence of Zimbabwe. It has been 13 years since the independence of South Africa. So whatever is happening in Africa, we as Africans must take responsibility for our circumstances. There has been a major failure around vision in Africa — political vision and economic vision. There has been major failure around leadership — political leadership and economic leadership. So Africans . . . We Africans are guilty as charged in terms of failure. Having said that, prior to our independence, and even after our independence, there have been external factors that have made our existence and our development very problematic.

Before independence, ________ slavery and the slave triangle. That distorted the history and trajectory of Africa’s development. After slavery, the project of colonialism. That, again, disturbed and changed the history and trajectory of African development. Okay? And then we fought wars and struggles of independence and anti-colonialism. We managed to get our independence. After that independence, there still were elements of neo-colonialism and external factors, external corporations, external governments that were involved in a negative way in our economic operations. In terms of manipulation of the economy, ownership of the industries without actually cultivating and building infrastructure and so on and so forth, promoting civil wars. Western powers were involved in pitting one ethnic group against another. Western powers and companies in Africa were involved — are involved in using ethnic conflicts to get access to diamonds, access to oil, and so on and so forth. So these are some of the forces that have led to our challenges in Africa — slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism, and sheer greed.

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