UN warns world facing unprecedented hunger

CGTN Africa
Published on Feb 26, 2017

Global hunger levels are at their highest in decades. According to statistics the combined magnitude, severity, and geographic scope of anticipated emergency food assistance needs during 2017 are unprecedented in recent decades. 70 million people, across 45 countries, will require emergency food assistance this year. Four countries – Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen – face a credible risk of famine.And the United Nations is asking for more money. About 5-point-6 billion US dollars will be needed to address the crisis in the four countries. In northeastern Nigeria, hit by a seven-year insurgency by Boko Haram Islamist militants, a study backed by the UN suggests famine occurred in 2016 and could be ongoing. In Yemen and South Sudan, persistent conflict, economic instability, and restricted humanitarian access make famine possible in 2017. In Somalia, failed 2016 rains and a forecast of poor spring rains threaten a repeat of 2011 when famine killed 260,000 people. Flanked by top UN officials, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres this week sounded the alarm over the looming threat of starvation for millions of people in four key conflict zones.

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